Gallery Jeanette is a Contemporary Art Gallery in Mississauga GTA Toronto (Port Credit) Ontario, Canada. The gallery offers for sale genuine works af art made by North-American and European artists, who specialize in Oil Paintings and Photography through Still Life, Landscape and Figure.
The Gallery showroom and office is located at 143 LakeShore Rd E. Mississauga (Port Credit) Ontario, Canada L5G 4T9.

Our Commitment:
is to provide our customers with the very best quality of service while providing them with genuine and beautiful works of art -in the trend and of lasting and ever increasing value.

Introduction of The Gallery Staff
Daniel, Jeanette and Georgina.

Daniel was born in 1958. Daniel's first art experience was with a church priest who introduced him to painting in oil, and then to whom he sold his drawings at the tender age of six. With his parents connections, Daniel saw many artists at work at an early age (Jean Renoar painter, Cartier Bresson photographer, Jeanloup Sieff photographer, ...) he visited many well regarded institutions like the Louvre Museum in Paris, and he was welcomed to Magnum Photo Agency as Photographer at age of 16. Daniel completed in Europe: State Art Academy (3 years), and State Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (5 years) at age of 24. The last six months on academy, through student exchange, he studied oil paintings at The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien) Austria.

Just one year later he was selected for the co-curator in the State Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, where he also learned painting conservation techniques. At the same time Daniel practised his photography and oil painting. Prior to civil war in former Yugoslavia he left his country for Canada. Travelling through Europe he lost all his photographs and oil paintings at Russian border.

Finally he came to Canada (1991) which was his chosen dream land from early childhood. Here, in 2008 Daniel studded oil paintings on Virtual Art Academy under supervision of John Raybould (3 years) and in 2009 completed still life workshop in Academy of Realist Art Toronto. Beside photography and oil painting, he studied art market for past 11 years (from 1998) which resulted in opening Gallery Jeanette. Daniel is curator in Gallery Jeanette and coordinate all art activities.

Jeanette is Art Director. She completed Bachelor of Zoology, a course for Office Assistant, attended a two year art business courses in Mississauga, and she studied for past two years art market, selling art, and gallery operation. She is also active watercolour painter. Jeanette co-ordinates gallery appraisals, liaises with clients and maintains the ever increasing gallery presence within Greater Toronto Area arts community through various marketing and cultural initiatives. Jeanette works with artists to organize exhibitions pro-actively providing advertising and promotion plus the organizational criteria for mounting exhibitions. She also works on art consultation with art collectors and art lovers and maintains contacts with graphic designers.

Georgina is the youngest member of the team. She designs the gallery website and all the catalogs for both the traditional and contemporary paintings and photography. She is in charge for Gallery artists advancement, and also oversees gallery advertising and production of brochures. As well, she coordinates framing production and is responsible for quality control. In addition, she looks after the importation of works of art from Europe and USA. She is responsible for the security of gallery and its archives.

Gallery Jeanette offers the following services:
1.- Complete Art leasing and Rental program
where the value of the work of art (single or combined) is over $1000. This is a convenient and economical way for anyone wish to build own art gallery in their own home or business.
The lease and rental agreements are made directly between our clients and Gallery Jeanette (no third party is involved).

2.- Art Consultation
Gallery Jeanette offers art consultation on what should be considered when establishing a collection of Art. This is critical to establishing the lasting value and appreciation of works of Art. The fundamental rules did not change for many hundreds of years. When building a collection of Art -do not assume anything but do get professional advice.

3.- Quality custom picture framing
for paintings, photographs and prints.

Our Clients
- Art Collectors
- Art Lovers
- Anyone wish to decorate

Oil Paintings Style
- Dutch Realism (accurate details, paintings size up to approximatelly 24x36 in)
- Abstract Expressionism (see paintings of Mark Rothko)

- Black & White Platinum and Palladium Prints
- Black & White Silver-Gelatin Prints

Main intersection is
Hurontario and LakeShore
Mississauga (at Port Credit)

(Greater Toronto Area)

Gallery Jeanette
143 Lakeshore Rd. E.
Mississauga, Ontario
L5G 4T9


Gallery Hours
Mon-Tue - 10:30 to 5:30 pm
Wed-Fri - 10:30 to 6:00 pm
Sat-Sun - 12:00 to 5:00 pm
Holidays - Closed / By Chance

Note: We will be closed Dec. 09-12 and
Dec. 23 - Jan 03.

For specical appointment, please contact the Gallery at 905-274-1143

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