Ed Kornachuk

Oil Paintings Brief
Made as in Dutch Golden Age 400 years ago
Made by the Egyptian art principle
Made in Canada (100%) by Canadian
On real and best Claesens Linen
Double primed with Zinc-White Oil
With best oils from Holland (Old-Holland) and England (M-Harding)
some oils used are far more expensive than Gold (real Naples-Yellow, Lapis-Lazuli (real Ultram.Blue), Chinese-Vermilion )
With cold pressed Linsed Oil from Holland (Old Holland)
Layer after Layer
And as time go on, the price SHALL go only in one direction, for ever
And it might go with your RoyalKabinet
And now and on, lets our work sing for us, and be our best advertising

Winter Clearing
- Size: 24 x 36 in
- Support: commercial cotton canvas
- Size and number of layers: 3 layers
- Ground: gesso
- Approx. number of layers: 3
- Medium Used: Acrylic)
- Picture Varnish: none
- No Chemical Protection Used at Back of Canvas

- Signed
- Artist's early work
- Condition checked by the Gallery
- Certificate of Authenticity available

unframed $950

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